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Polyurethane Potting Compound Sets New Standard For Electronics

April 26, 2017

Too many potting and encapsulating compounds are difficult to work with due to their odd mix ratios, high viscosity, and long cure times.  In addition, some of these older generation materials utilize hazardous constituents that require elaborate personal protective equipment for workers.

20-2180 was formulated for today's demanding electronic applications and manufacturing environments. This product offers performance along with improved usability.  

Processing features:

  • Low viscosity. 20-2180's low viscosity (1,700cps) allows for easy flow and quick processing.
  • Easy 1:2 Mix Ratio. Simple mix ratio for hand mixing or use the popular TriggerBond dual cartridge system.
  • Natural Oil Polyol (NOP). The 20-2180's polyol uses a renewable resource therefore reducing demand on non-renewable fossil fuel.
  • Non-Hazardous Shipping. The 20-2180 is not considered hazardous for shipping purposes making shipping easy and cost effective.

The 20-2180 has a hardness of Shore A 80. Two products that are lower in durometer are available if a softer product is needed. Use the Contact Us Form if you need any assistance.