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50-1952 Thermally Conductive Silicone

May 15, 2013

50-1952, by Epoxies, Etc., is a Thermally Conductive Silicone Potting and Encapsulating Compound with outstanding properties over a broad temperature range.  Many electrical potting applications require the material transfer heat well, have good electrical properties and protect components.  The 50-1952 meets these criteria and stands out in several other key areas. 

The 50-1952 dissipates heat quickly and can withstand a broader temperature range than most other systems (between -65 °C to +235 °C).  Some high powered electrical devices (power supplies, power converters) can generate large amounts of heat that needs to be moved away from its source quickly and efficiently to prolong the service life of components.

Because of its silicone makeup, the 50-1952 offers several attributes not found in other potting compounds.  Silicone chemistry allows for a full cure even when poured in large areas several inches deep with low shrinkage and exotherm.  Its inherent flexibility makes it easier to repair than epoxies and provides excellent vibration resistance.  Further, this material has great air release, is low in toxicity, non-corrosive to metal components, and safer to handle than many of its counterparts. 



·        Excellent thermal transfer

·        Performs in high operating temperatures

·        Flexibility offers great vibration resistance

·        Cures in thick sections

·        Non-corrosive

·        Excellent electrical properties

·        Good air release

·        Easy 1:1 mix ratio

·        Low in toxicity

·        Not hazardous to ship


Samples are available and may be requested by visiting the following link: