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20-3305: Epoxy Potting Compound Formulated To Resist Thermal Shock and Cycling

October 6, 2020

The new 20-3305 is an easy to use epoxy formulated to handle critical, high voltage electronic requirements, and provides electronic assemblies protection from severe thermal cycling and shock. The 20-3305 exhibits excellent dielectric strength and volume resistivity, and can handle a wide range of temperatures.

This thermal shock epoxy is low in viscosity and therefore flows quickly around components.  20-3305 is typically cured at 120°C for 4 hours.

20-3305 epoxy system is a good choice for high temperature applications that require a material that is not rigid or brittle. To request a sample, please visit us at For a technical bulletin, click here.


- Toughness over a wide temperature range
- Thermal shock resistance
- RoHS and REACH compliant
- Easy to use mix ratio of 4:1 by weight