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Light Weight Silicone Potting & Encapsulating Compound

October 25, 2016

Adding less weight to electronic assemblies is an important consideration for design engineers.  This is especially true for automotive, aerospace and consumer electronic applications. Our chemists developed the 20-1634 Light Weight Silicone Potting Compound to assist in keeping the weight off. The 20-1634 is less than half the weight of most commercially available potting and encapsulating compounds.  The 20-1634 utilizes advanced micro balloon technology fillers and the result is a specific gravity of 0.82.  Many filled potting compounds can have specific gravities of 2.0 or higher. 

 The 20-1634 is ideal for applications that require low weight, flexibility, high heat resistance, and excellent electrical insulation properties.  It is also formulated without solvents or other toxic materials.

 Epoxies, Etc. has been formulating solutions for electronic circuitry and assemblies for over 25 years.  Our chemists and engineers are able to provide application support.