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Flexible Potting Compound Conducts Heat

December 10, 2014

December 10, 2014 - Looking for a thermally conductive potting compound that doesn’t sacrifice flexibility? Our 50-3170 compound strikes the perfect balance.

Conducts heat and flexes. This compound is highly-filled for a thermal conductivity value of 1.73 W/m•K. At the same time, 50-3170 has a rubber-like consistency and a low viscosity, properties not usually found in highly-filled compounds. With its epoxy base and flexible consistency, 50-3170 resists chemicals, moisture, shock loads and temperature extremes.  50-3170 can also serve as an electrical insulator.

Easy to apply. The 50-3170 has a low exotherm and long working time that makes it ideal for large castings. Large batches can be mixed without damaging heat-sensitive components. There’s very low stress during cure and virtually no risk of crack development.

Many applications. The 50-3170 has been successful in aerospace applications, transformers, regulators, PCBs and more. It’s especially good for large casting or potting applications. This potting compound is also a good option to consider when flexibility and thermal conductivity are needed with higher temperature performance.

For a more detailed look at physical properties and application instructions, download our Technical Bulletin.  Or contact us for a free sample today.