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Enhanced Properties For UL Potting Compounds

March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015 - One of the problems with UL-listed potting compounds is that it can be difficult to find listed grades that also have all the other physical properties you need. We continually address this problem by formulating UL-listed products that up the ante on properties.

Our two most recent UL potting compounds, for example, have improved thermal and electrical properties. Here’s a closer look:

UL-listed potting compound resists high temperatures.  Our 50–3150RFR Black Epoxy with Catalyst 30 combines UL listings with enhanced temperature resistance and thermal conductivity. It has a relative temperature index (RTI) rating of 130ºC, significantly higher than the 90ºC RTI for most epoxies. The higher RTI ensures that the potting compound will survive elevated temperatures for long periods of time, which is increasingly important as electronics get smaller and hotter. To reflect the improved RTI performance, 50–3150RFR’s listings now include UL 746B to 130ºC. The compound had previously earned the UL 94 V–0 flame-retardant listing.

UL 94 V-0 potting compound offers electrical insulation. Our 50–3152 FR potting compound offers a UL 94 V–0 listing in conjunction with top-notch electrical insulation capabilities. In Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) tests, which measure electrical breakdown, the material received the best Performance Level Category (PLC) rating of 0. Typical epoxy PLC ratings fall between 1 and 3. That rating indicates that the compound passed CTI breakdown tests at voltages greater than 600 V—which is a key requirement for outdoor applications such as solar panels or in intrinsically safe applications that require high-voltage circuits.