Do Uneven Mix Ratios Drive You Crazy?

September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013 - Achieve the balance you are looking for with Epoxies, Etc. variety of 1:1 products

metal scale.jpg
If you've used two component materials before, you know that if not measured and mixed properly, your resulting product may not cure correctly or perform to manufacturer's specifications.    

Epoxies, Etc. offers several compounds with 1:1 mix ratios, making acheiving the proper mix much easier.  Many of these materials are available in our TriggerBond® packaging and all can be used with meter mix equipment.

We manufacture a variety of adhesives, potting compounds, and coatings in a range of chemistries.  Below are a few examples.  

10-3003 - General purpose epoxy, medium viscosity

10-3005 - 5 minute fast curing epoxy

10-3012 - High strength, fast setting adhesive

10-3216 - Toughened, flexible, impact resistant epoxy adhesive

20-3001 - Low viscosity, 100% solids potting and encapsulting resin 

20-3006 - Electronic grade, flexible epoxy potting compound

50-1952 - Heat transferring, solvent free, silicone potting and encapsulating compound

50-3112 - Fast curing, thermally conductive epoxy adhesive

50-3152 - UL Listed flame retardant themally conductive encapsulating and potting compound

To see a broader list, please visit our website or ask a Sales Representative by calling 800-376-9437 or emailing